Microfiber Travel Towel

A microfiber travel towel is an incredibly handy device to have when travelling. As I’ve described on other microfiber towel posts, microfiber is an incredibly unique material that has the ability to soak up tons of water, rather quickly, and because of the design it can hold up to 5 times as much water as regular cotton towels. Another unique property is that microfibre towels have the ability to shed water just as easily; whether wringing them out or just letting them air dry, they are dry in just an hour or two. Let’s just see how this can benefit the frequent traveler.

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How Microfiber Travel Towels benefit a frequent traveler

The first property that has an amazing benefit to the frequent traveler (whether a pleasure seeker, business person, or someone backpacking through Europe) is that the towels can absorb a crazy amount of water. Because they can hold so much more water, they are designed to be smaller and more lightweight yet still hold as much as a regular towel. These leaves you with more room in your luggage or backpack so you can pack smaller or carry more stuff. “But the hotels have towels, why would I take a microfiber travel towel with me?” That’s a good question. When I travel, I don’t always stay at the best hotels so the towels are usually a little less the soft and fluffy. I also have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by the cheap hotel laundry detergent. Because the microfibre towel weighs so little and takes up barely any space, it’s a life saver when I have to travel.

The second property that makes microfiber towels great for travelling is how quickly they dry off. I can take a shower, dry off, wring the towel out (which gets it 80% of the way there) finish getting ready and if I had to, I could throw the towel into my suitcase with it being just a little damp. Not wet enough to get smelly or mildew on it.

The microfiber travel towels are designed for travel. They are small enough to dry the entire body of a “normal” size person and will just barely cover you. If you’re concerned about modesty and covering up with one of these travel towels, you may want to go a size bigger than you would normally use. Below are the sizes of Aquis’ microfiber traveling towel and what they’re best used for:

  • XL – This is best as a bath towel ( you can coverup with them)
  • L – This size was the original hair/gym towel size. It’s longer and narrower (would be good for a small child)
  • M -This is the Hand Towel size and is good as a Hand Towel and as a kitchen towel. It gets damp but not soggy and will still do its job of drying hands. It is also excellent as a doggy foot-towel as the clinginess of the weave will help collect dirt. The darker colours also help hide stains, but will bleed a little when washed the first few times. It is colorfast after that.
  • S – This is washcloth sized (good for face towel or cleaning up)

One of the nice features about the travel towel is that they come with their own bag to keep the towel protected and these towels also have a snap built right into the towel. This is a really heavy duty snap creates a loop that can be used to hang the towel on just about anything. This really helps with the time it takes to dry off.

Where to Buy Microfiber Travel Towels Online

There are a few places where you can buy microfiber travel towels online and you could spend an hour or two looking through the websites to see which has the best price. I would suggest checking out Amazon’s selection of microfiber camping towels. Amazon tends to have close to if not the lowest prices and they offer free shipping on orders over $25.

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